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Uttapam Photo, Images, and Pics for food lovers. This south Indian dish pictures will encourage you to cook and eat uttapam soon. Let’s have look at these uthappam pictures taken by real cooks & food lovers.

Uttapam Photo

Uttapam Image
📸 Uttapam Image by Ramesh NG

Uttapam (Tamil: ஊத்தப்பம்) (Telugu: ఉతప్పం) (Kannada: ಉತ್ತಪ್ಪಾ) is a dosa-like dish that is made by cooking ingredients in a batter. The batter is made of a 1:3 ratio of urad dal and rice (1:1 ratio of boiled to non-boiled rice) that has been fermented.

Uttapam Images

uttapam images
📸 Uttapam Dish Photo by Youtube Screenshot

Uttapam is a common breakfast menu item among south Indians. Now it is largely being liked in other Indian states also. It is lightweight and a less time-consuming food item. Uttapam made from onion, tomatoes, chilly and other vegetables feel great in taste.

Suji Uttapam Photo

uttapam images 2
📸 Suji Uttapam Image by Chef Ashok – YouTube

The photo is taken from the video showing the suji uttapam recipe. Unlike a typical dosa, which is crispy and crepe-like, an uttapam is thick with toppings. It can also be made from suji. It tastes great with chatni and specially made raitha.

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